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the Urbana Dance Company is going to experiment with a  Pay What You Can business model.  


We have suggested prices that estimate our break-even costs to cover teacher and studio fees.


The purpose of this is to infuse the local community with high-quality dance instruction at prices EVERYONE can afford.  Community members will have access to participate, learn, and develop their dancing skills and talents at a price that fits their budget.


Everyone has a different budget based on income, family size, debt, family gifts, assets etc.  Some folks can pay LOTS!  While some folks need to pay less.  Learning to think about the community in this way is FUN and keeps us moving in the direction of connection to all sorts of people.


It’s interesting to dance with a variety of friends.  COOPERATION is a key life skill.  So is learning how to be at the CENTER.  CONNECTED.  IN CHARGE.  MAKING SURE THINGS GO WELL FOR EVERYONE AROUND YOU.  MAKING SURE THINGS GO WELL FOR YOURSELF!