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Video by Matt Harsh
video by matt harsh


The Urbana Dance Company teaches dance and performance that enriches people’s lives and builds confidence and connection.  Our goal is for students to build and strengthen their relationships, gain self-awareness, become empowered community leaders, and develop an appreciation for great artistry and imagination.

The Urbana Dance Company teaches from the perspective that human beings are eager for new information, new insights, new experiences, and new skills.  Allowing this inherent attitude to flourish is the key job in the promotion of learning at Urbana Dance Company. The students must feel good about themselves, know they are cared for by the instructor, and feel accepted and secure in the learning environment. Instructors are encouraged to have a relaxed, aware, and eager attitude to help create a dynamic learning environment.



KATE INSOLIA // Artistic Director // Instructor

Kate Insolia, is the Owner and Artistic Director of the Urbana Dance Company in Urbana, IL, USA.  Insolia has been performing, creating, directing, and teaching dance for over three decades. She has extensive experience in working with both adults and children. For the last 15 years, Insolia has taught dance classes, designed curriculums, directed, choreographed for schools and local dance communities, and created her own work in Champaign-Urbana. Insolia is passionate, pragmatic, and systematic in her teaching approach. Centered in her teaching philosophy are students building and strengthening relationships, community, self-awareness, and confidence. Insolia founded the Urbana Dance Company performance group in 2012. Believing that artists can transcend conventional wisdom and create eloquent solutions, the Urbana Dance Company offers new productive and vibrant modes of being and seeks to understand the power of performance as a vital means for political action and social transformation. UDC’s choreography illuminates issues of oppression such as genocide, racism, classism, and sexism with the intent to end these oppressions. In search of humanity, the company uses both drama and humor to create a space where transformation can occur.


Insolia received her B.A. in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College and her M.F.A in Dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Kristina Bell// Instructor

Dance lover with a goal to dance professionally as a Hip-Hop artist.  Kristina is currently a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign major in Advertising minor in Marketing.  She is the Artistic Director of Dance 2X2, the primeire Hip-Hop team at UIUC.


DoMonique Arnold has been belly dancing since 2004 and began her teaching practice in 2013. She has been trained in American Cabaret style belly dance, and currently maintains her practice by studying Urban Fusion style. Urban Fusion Belly Dance is where traditional Belly Dance styles (Egyptian/Arabic and more) meets Urban Dance styles and combines elements of (Hip/hop, African, and Dancehall/Reggae and more) style dances. She believes that the art of belly dancing is nourishing to practice for all genders and attempts to culturally situate her teachings as much as possible. DoMonique recieved her BA in Latin and her MSLIS from the Graduate School for Library and Information Science. She works full-time as the Librarian at University Laboratory High School where she manages the collection and creates programming, including an annual belly dance class as part of Agora Days. 

Spencer Kube// Instructor and Latin Dance Event Liason
Spencer began as a beginner at Urbana Dance Company in 2021. During this time, he also trained with and performed with UIUC’s dance team Island Touch. From 2022-2023, he was the president of Illinois State University’s Latin Dance Club Redbirds en Ritmo. There, he taught for three semesters for free and organized events for the university to give Latin dance opportunities in an area that did not offer any others. He has also trained extensively in the Chicago area with several of the best professionals since 2021. The connections Spencer made in Chicago is what enabled Urbana Dance Company to begin weekend workshops with the visiting Latin dance instructors we have today. In 2023, Spencer began teaching at Urbana Dance Company to train the techniques that he has been learning from his instructors in the Chicago area. It is Spencer’s goal to continue elevating the Latin dance scene in terms of style, techniques, community, and experiences through his classes and organized events.  
JOE and CARLOTTA // Instructor

Joe Grohens and Carlota Bullard, from Champaign, Illinois, have taught tango throughout Central Illinois for more than twenty years. They have put hundreds of tango dancers on the dance floor. Joe and Carlota trained primarily in two tango schools – those of Eduardo and Gloria Arquimbau and Mingo and Esther Pugliese. Joe and Carlota encourage dancers to understand the techniques and structure of the dance rather than memorizing step patterns. This understanding enables dancers to improvise, personalize their dance, learn different styles, and dance with any partner.


Jackie has been dancing since 2 years old and teaching since 2009.  Her love of dance is contagious and her command of the form makes learning enjoyable and fun.  Jackie has studied:  Ballet, lyrical, jazz, Irish, hip hop, poms, contra, waltz, fox trot, rumba, salsa, mambo, bachata, cumbia, merengue, polka, belly dance and pole dance.  Jackie contributes part of her success to her first teacher Eliana who took Jackie under her wing as the youngest dancer in the class.  Jackie loves the connection to music and the allowances it gives to move your body and create your own style out of the movements.  Jackie and Darian have been partners for 14 years.

MARY WOLTERS// Instructor


Mary has been practicing yoga since 1997 and teaching since 2001. She has studied with master yoga teachers from around the world.  Mary has taken teacher trainings with various well known instructors since 2001 (such as Deb Lister, Daren Friesen, Gary Kraftsow of Vini-Yoga, Seane Corn, Natasha Rizopolous, Scott Blossom, Kino McGregor, and Lino Miele). She has been most inspired by several prana vinyasa flow teacher trainings with master yoga teacher Shiva Rea. Mary completed her Yoga Alliance Certification through Moksha Yoga School in 2007 and continues to take a regular pilgrimage. Committed to the process of learning, she believes that we are all students of what our life has to teach us. Sharing knowledge of yoga’s 5,000 year old tradition gives her great joy. She loves to incorporate the knowledge of the past (asanas, meditation, bandhas, mantra and mudras) with what is relevant in the here and now.

Cinnamon Trammell// Guest Teacher visits every few months from Chicago
Cinnamon Trammell: (Ballroom, Latin, Club, Hip Hop, Stepping), Cinnamon started his dance career at the age of 5 in Manhattan, New York. With roots beginning in tap and ballet, hip-hop and freestyle were added to his dance repertoire. In 1997, Cinnamon was introduced to ballroom and soon became a professional. Cinnamon has taught ballroom for a number of franchised schools and independently. His experience also includes commercials, trade shows, fashion, and a number of rock opera performances. Cinnamon brings a unique, fun, and refreshing approach to his teaching style. Being known as the ‘feeling instructor’ by most of his students, Cinnamon has helped dancers to understand the difference between the different styles of dance. His focus is to help students personalize the dance so they can express the essence and joy of each style of dance.
Florian Zeiser// Instructor
DeAndre Bobo// Instructor
Hello, I'm DeAndre, and I've been captivated by dance for 14 wonderful years. My journey has led me across continents, sharing my love for movement at studios in Hawaii, Japan, Illinois, and even at the renowned Arthur Murray. My dance canvas is diverse, ranging from the rhythmic embrace of salsa on both counts, the intimate artistry of bachata, the enchanting melodies of zouk, to the alluring sway of Kizomba. My teaching ethos is rooted in the power of connection, musicality, and the pure expression of body movement. As an easygoing and friendly instructor, my passion lies in helping others embrace dance's transformative magic, and I'm eagerly anticipating the chance to dance with new partners, collectively taking our dance journeys to new heights.
KAT BUFORD // Instructor


Carlos is our beloved DJ from Chicago to Champaign IL since 2000.  Founder of SomethingFUNKY; Co-founder of The IDEAL SPOT ; Co-founder of The IDEAL DJs.  Since 2011 DJ Residencies: BarFly, Cowboy Monkey, Radio Maria, Derailed57, SOMA, Ultralounge, Nolas Rock Bar, High Dive, Wedge Bar, Canopy Club, Mike N Mollys, AXE BAR, SCHOOL YARD BRAWL, semi annual B-Boy/Girl Competition, IL BREAKS Annual B-Boy/Girl Competition, Local Rap Battles.  Come check out his Latin Dance Nights at UDC- second and fourth Friday of the month.  He's just the best!
KIERYN ALEXANDER// Artist in Residence



Teachers at UDC
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Jaylen De'Angelo Clay
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Nia Khan

Yuri Sohn 

Angel Anderson
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Joseph Kirby


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Metered parking is available on the street and is free after 5pm along with a large parking garage across the street.  Bus stop near parking garage by Lincoln Square Mall. 

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