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Below is a list of classes we have offered at the studio and their description.  Check the "Classes" tab to see what classes we are currently offering.  

Bachata/ Bachata Sensual (Adults)

Bachata is a social dance from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.  In this class, we will learn the foundations of bachata and bachata sensual. We will learn how to cleanly and enjoyably lead body isolations, rolls, and incorporate them musically into your dance. In addition, we will learn about connection and sequences that you can apply to any bachata song.  The most important part we will learn is how to dance with anyone and make that person feel amazing.  No partner is required.

Ballet Joy

Revitalize yourself through a meditative movement ritual that uses somatic floor-work and ballet basics to soothe and energize. This class brings out the essential flavors of ballet for anyone at any level. Ballet fundamentals are used to enhance stability, strength, and alignment while neuromuscular floor exercises from the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education are used to quietly tune-in and release tension. The magical ingredient of Ballet Joy is the choreographic element. In each class a dance is explored that weaves walking patterns, ballet essentials, inspiring music, and group awareness which encourages a sense of personal connection and engaged community

Belly Dance, beginners (Ages 11 and up.  11-13 year olds must be accompanied by an adult)

In this beginner level class, you will learn the fundamentals of Belly dance such as posture, hip work, shimmies and more. DoMonique Arnold has been bellydancing since 2004, and has been teaching since 2013. She has been trained in American Cabaret style bellydance, and currently maintains her practice by studying Urban Fusion style. She believes that the art of bellydancing is nourishing to practice for all genders and attempts to culturally situate her teachings as much as possible.  Ages 11 and up.  11-13 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.

Contemporary Dance- techno, punk, rock, smooth (Adults)

The goal of this class is to feel more confident and in charge of your dancing body. We will do this through a mix of structured improvisations, guided imagery, floor work and various combinations to help us connect to one another. Little dance art pieces will be created and shared with each other.  All levels welcome

Contemporary Jazz for the Body/Mind/Soul (Teens- Adults)

Contemporary Jazz, itself, is a feeling—an honest, personal feeling—inspired by soulful music. Jazz dance is moving with that feeling through a safe and effective technique. I want the students in my classes to learn to feel as they move through my exercises and choreography. I want them to look inside themselves and discover who they are. I want them to learn control, balance, extensions, and focus by finding the source inside themselves. The source of jazz is inside. This is what I have tried to teach my students since the very beginning and what I hope will be my legacy.

Creative Movement (ages 7-11)

Creative Movement dance classes is a time for young people to be together, connect through dance and games, move their bodies in new and familiar ways, explore their creativity, build confidence and leadership skills, and have fun!

ENGAGE- Hip Hop (Adults)

Hip-Hop class offers a fun, welcoming, and beginner friendly atmosphere! This class allows students to let their creativity shine through choreography, build confidence, and teach basic techniques of Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop/BOUNCE (Adults)

Elisandra teaches a welcoming and creative class that engages you artistically. She focuses on improvisation and free-style hip-hop forms. Each class includes an upbeat warm-up, walking strolls, introduction to new techniques, and a short piece of choreography. 

Israeli Dance (Ages 11 and up.  11-13 year olds must be accompanied by an adult)

The goal for this course is to move and exercise your body while enjoying the music and cultural dance of Israel.  We will learn line and circle dances from a variety of styles that are popular in Rikudim (Israeli dance groups) around the world.  Dances will be taught step-by-step with additional opportunities to practice at home through online resources.

Latin Dance Social


Come practice your moves with new and experienced dancers.  Latin Dance social happens after our Monday Salsa classes.  Free for enrolled students.  $5 for guests.  DJ Sebastian mixes playlist.  Dancers are also welcome to play songs.

Move & Groove (Adults)

Take a break from work and dance with us! Move and Groove is a shortened Contemporary dance class for all levels. The pace is easy, steady, and enjoyable.  All levels welcome


Salsa- Casino Rueda Style beginner (Adutls)

This class teaches you a salsa group dance that first became popular in Cuba.  As rueda means "wheel," during the dance there is a constant changing of partners, which makes for a very joyful, dynamic experience.  Casino rueda is of high energy and a lot of fun.  All levels are welcome.  No partner is required.

Salsa/Cumbia (Adults)

This class focuses on salsa and cumbia, as danced in Mexico and Colombia. These styles are fun and high energy and are essential to know in the local dance scene! This course includes individual footwork, partner work, turns, combinations, and styling. All levels are welcome.  No partner is required.

Salsa intermediate/advanced (Adults)

In salsa intermediate/advanced, students will learn a full piece of choreography along with more complicated combinations. There will be an emphasis on foot work, shines, and techniques and movements not typical to our local salsa dance scene.

Tango Mood: A Playshop in Argentine Tango (Adults)

Open to Beginners. No experience necessary. Come with or without a partner.
They all say it: “Tango is a feeling that is danced.”  Explore your feeling and learn to improvise in this timeless dance form.

TEEN Dance Arts Leadership (11-17 years)

In the TEEN Dance Arts Leadership Program students will learn how to be bold leaders as well as back each other’s leadership, cooperate, create and reach for their biggest visions for themselves and their community.  These goals will be achieved through play, dance, games, peer counseling, and conversations. We will embrace a Native American perspective of belonging to this earth, caring for it and all its creatures, living in love and harmony while never losing our sense of humor! I come to these perspectives from my Lakota heritage and work in my native community.

TEEN Moves (11-17)

Teen Moves Dance Arts Leadership program is a time for teens to be together, connect through dance, move their bodies in new and familiar ways, explore their creativity, build confidence and leadership skills, and have fun!  Students will also have an opportunity to talk about their lives, their struggles and their victories.  Together we will think about how racism, sexism, young people's and gay oppression have effected our lives.  We will create games and dances that show our hearts and brilliant minds.

Zouk (Adults)

In our Zouk series we will learn the foundations of Brazilian Zouk (Rio Zouk). Brazilian Zouk is a dance born from lambada and the beautiful music of the Caribbean with a gentle floaty Rythm. We will explore how any modern song (and even hip-hop!) can be dance with the Brazilian Zouk. We will learn the foundational moves and how to incorporate body isolation cleanly, comfortably and safely.

In the end the most important thing to learn is how to have fun dancing while being able to dance with anyone and make that person feel amazing.



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